Before I start this post I would just like to take a minor detour to apologize for the lack of posting both in the last few weeks and in the next few months. As mentioned previously I am 16 years old and part of being this age is exams… Specifically A level exams. Whilst I enjoy blogging I have to prioritise my revision and ultimately my future over my blog. What I am trying to say is I will post when I can and I hope you will be patient.

So now I have gotten that off my chest I can begin todays blog.

Last week I signed up for a training course about rock climbing along with some of my friends and classmates. This was something I had never done before and honestly something I found simply terrifying being as I dislike heights. However I  took a chance and learnt so much in the first session and I had so much fun.

Afterwards even though my hands were shaking I felt more alive than I had in ages.

Even before that I took the leap into blogging and found I really enjoy sharing about my thoughts and feelings with other people who maybe feel the same way. I moved to a new school without knowing anyone and now I am so glad I did I have met so many amazing people and made lots of new friends.

I guess the point of this blog is to say… in order to progress you have to take chances. Even if they scare you. Sometimes these chances will pay off and you will move three steps forwards and others will make you move two steps backwards. But the direction these chances take you doesn’t matter as long as you keep on moving.

So as I leave you today I will leave you with this thought…When was the last time you took a chance and isn’t about time you took another one?