Before I start this post I would just like to take a minor detour to apologize for the lack of posting both in the last few weeks and in the next few months. As mentioned previously I am 16 years old and part of being this age is exams… Specifically A level exams. Whilst I enjoy blogging I have to prioritise my revision and ultimately my future over my blog. What I am trying to say is I will post when I can and I hope you will be patient.

So now I have gotten that off my chest I can begin todays blog.

Last week I signed up for a training course about rock climbing along with some of my friends and classmates. This was something I had never done before and honestly something I found simply terrifying being as I dislike heights. However I  took a chance and learnt so much in the first session and I had so much fun.

Afterwards even though my hands were shaking I felt more alive than I had in ages.

Even before that I took the leap into blogging and found I really enjoy sharing about my thoughts and feelings with other people who maybe feel the same way. I moved to a new school without knowing anyone and now I am so glad I did I have met so many amazing people and made lots of new friends.

I guess the point of this blog is to say… in order to progress you have to take chances. Even if they scare you. Sometimes these chances will pay off and you will move three steps forwards and others will make you move two steps backwards. But the direction these chances take you doesn’t matter as long as you keep on moving.

So as I leave you today I will leave you with this thought…When was the last time you took a chance and isn’t about time you took another one?



achieving your goals and your dreams

This weekend might seem a normal weekend for most people but this weekend is my Dads birthday. So this post has a running theme linking back to him. You see growing up he has always been a source of inspiration to me, he has always been the person who has helped me to achieve my goals.

he helped me to pass my gcse’s telling me I just had to ‘see myself getting good grades’. although this seems ridiculously cheesy and I may have laughed at him numerous times for saying this, in the exam hall I remembered him saying it and it helped calm my nerves. the result? I came out with straight B’s. Something I would never have thought possible.

He also had a number of goals himself one of them was to become good at cycling. After lots of time spent training he entered the coast to coast. which for those who don’t know is around 190 miles. He completed the distance in 2 days, half the time it takes amateur cyclists. his trick? ‘I saw myself do it’. Was he then satisfied that he had completed his goal? No. he wanted to push himself further and the following year he completed the same journey in 1 day! That’s the second thing he taught me… there is always another goal to achieve.

The second point of this post is has a slight moral to it. talking to a lot of people about dreams they all say the same thing. ‘I gave up on them’ ‘it was too difficult’. this mind set is nonsense. all dreams are scary. that’s the point. One of my dreams is to go travelling the world, I want to go to Rome and see all of the culture there. I want to go to the alps and breath in the cool crisp air. I want to go to America and see times square and the grand canyon. I believe I am going to do all of these things, save up the money and be on the look out for opportunities. For example my school is running a trip to London next year which I have signed up for, my first step on my travels.

And like the saying goes ‘if your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough’. We all have to power to go after our dreams it just depends on two things; how passionate you are about the dream, and your ability to see yourself doing it. So lets make a pact right here, right now… we will never give up on our dreams no matter how scary or challenging they are. Or how long they take to see through.

Until next time lu.

first impressions

You may have noticed ,either by my ghost town like page or by the cliché title, that this post is my very first. Both on this website and in the world of blogging in general. That means that this is your first impression of me, lets see if I can make it a good one. The directions that this post could have taken are numerous that I spent a grand total of 40 minutes debating over before starting to write. I could have chosen to write about myself (which I am sure you would have found boring being as I am only the tender age of 16 and have yet to have many interesting life experiences). I could have done a book haul post that just looking through my feed so many seem to do. However that seemed a little premature as no one yet knows who I am let alone would take the time to read my ramblings concerning what books I have read. I may save that one for a later date… I guess what I am trying to convey in this post is  my excitement of finally having my own blog. Never mind it took the best part of three years to gather the courage but as the saying goes ‘better late than never’. I  hope anyone reading this stays to see me get better and will be kind enough to give some feedback? that is all from my first post, I hope it will be the first of many. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this although maybe next time I should work on a more solid theme… lu.